Why Go Offsite?

Why Go Offsite?

‘Typical office workers spend 40% of their time, searching for information.’

File Storage

How much time is wasted in your office searching for your files?

At L&R when you ask for a specific file, we locate it and retrieve it and deliver it to your desk. Our online portal even allows you to request any number of boxes or files back to your office within minutes, so you can retrieve that requested file with a click of a mouse.

Your files to your desk

Your records are taking up room in your office which could be assigned better use. Floor space is at a premium and the charges for this space are very expensive. Boxes may also be causing a health and safety issue in your working environment, let us store your boxes and deliver only the files you need.

We provide security for your vital business records against, damage or destruction and unauthorized access. Once your documents are no longer required, we will destroy them securely upon your signed authorization.

Maximise your office space Listings are sent straight to your desktop

Monitor your records with a fully managed inventory

Every file has a unique, thorough Audit trail

Reduce Your Costs & Save Time

Ensure Total Compliance

Reduce Risk to your staff members

Ensure Health & Safety standards are met & maintained

Read our article here on what to look for in an archive storage facility.

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