Technology – Records Management

Secure Document StorageTechnology we use

Manage your files from anywhere in the world.

At L&R we use the world’s leading provider of Records Management Software. The features of our software enable us to organise our time and our resources in the most effective manner, a benefit that is passed onto our clients in the form of excellent and cost-effective service. As well as providing invaluable operational support, our technology assists with both medium and long-term forward planning. Additionally our software enhances the access our clients can gain to their information, allowing you to monitor, track and recall from storage either individual files or boxes via our on-line portal.

Bar-code Tracking

Each box or file is allocated its own bar-code which is then scanned and recorded during every process the box undergoes. This creates a detailed record of its movements and allows you to find the exact whereabouts of your files within seconds.

24-7 On-line Access

Using our website, you can access your information from anywhere, any time. This allows you to make requests, update inventory information or simply check on the current status of your documents.

Electronic Delivery Receipts

Once your boxes have been delivered or collected, you will receive a signed E-receipt directly to your inbox.

Document Imaging

We can scan your documents and email them directly to your desktop, or you can view them on-line using our records management software.

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