Records Management

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Records Management At Your Fingertips!

Archive Storage Birmingham
Your archives safe, until you need them!

 At L&R we understand how important it to be able to view and access your documents when you need them. That’s why we continue to utilise and make available the latest cutting-edge technology from within our industry. 

 OneilOrder is our online portal which allows you to search your entire archive using a single substring search bar. It works just like Amazon, search what you are looking for, add it to your basket and have your files/boxes delivered straight to your desk! It’s as simple as that, L&R take the hassle out of archiving!

 Our portal allows you to add files and boxes, request pick-ups and even order supplies such as boxes, crates and shredding bags. We really put the power at your fingertips. For more information on OneilOrder contact your local depot.

 Our specialist archivists will visit you at your premises and provide comprehensive training. No more complicated spreadsheets or databases, just one single port of call for all of your files and boxes. 

L&R have archive storage facilities  in Worcester and Birmingham, leaving us ideally placed to serve your business!