On-Site Insolvency Assistance

Specialist On-Site Insolvency Assistance

Why do so many Insolvency Practitioners chose our Insolvency Services? Because we understand your needs.

File Storage

We provide a range of on-site services when companies are entered into Administration or Liquidation to assist the client in executing a prompt and accurate insolvency whilst returning maximum value to the company’s creditors.


  • ● Precise & Accurate Inventory
  • ● Nationwide Coverage
  • ● Central Storage Base

Document Panning

  • ● Identify Documents of Value
  • ● Search for Requested Information – Sales Invoices – Bank Transactions – Employee Information

On-Site Paperwork clearance

  • ● Secure Shredding Of Unwanted Documents
  • ● Certificate Of Destruction
  • ● Ensure Smooth Handover – Clean Premises [/one_half]

Records Inspections

  • ● Viewing Facilities For Various Bodies (Legal Representatives, HMRC, Fraud Squad)
  • ● Authorisation Required

Case Closure – Forward Invoicing

  • ● Pay Fees Upfront
  • ● Full & Final Settlements For Cases

Why L&R?

  • ● Over 50 + years combined Industry experience
  • ● Proven track record in Insolvency Storage
  • ● Portfolio including small, medium and blue chip clients

Contact us now or call 0121 555 8838 for a no obligation quote and free proposal.

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