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Document Scanning in the Legal sector is becoming more prominent, at L&R we work with solicitors all over the country to help drive efficiency and to substantially reduce storage and retrieval costs.

Here is a list of are our top 5 benefits of digitising your firms legal files.

  1. Costs; Storage & Retrieval costs can be one of the largest overheads your Practice can encounter. At L&R we can show you how to eradicate these costs.
  2. Numerous Back ups; Some firms feel a little nervous about having just one paper copy of their most important files. Once digitised the document can be backed up in numerous places, providing continuity and availability in the event of a disaster.
  3.   Clear Your Desk! (In a good way!) No more fighting for more space on your desk, or in your office. Use your office space for more staff, a new fee earner etc not filing cabinets.
  4.  Time Saving; Files that are instantly available can drive efficiencies throughout your business. We use leading  scanning software which ensures you can pinpoint the specific area on a document (i.e boundary fence), meaning no more wasted time manually searching for what you need.
  5. Customer Service; Empower your staff with the ability to retrieve files and respond to your clients instantly. Satisfying your clients requests swiftly  can make all the difference between a ‘one off’ and a life time client.

At L&R we specialise in digitising legal files, for the simple reason our approach is completely reverse engineered. Rather than ‘stack it high and feed it quick’ we take the utmost care & attention in the preparation and scanning phase to ensure the legal admissibility of every piece of paper.

Our management team includes a former solicitor who is aware of the every day threats, challenges and opportunities law firms are facing.

If your firm are looking at scanning solutions please contact us today.

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