Case Study – Legal File Storage

 “White knights that came sweeping in at the right moment”: that’s how Camilla Gilmore describes the way L&R Document Management has helped make a significant difference to life at Emms Gilmore Liberson Solicitors.

 L&R’s approach to Emms Gilmore Liberson early in 2013 could not have come at a better time for the firm, which was founded in 2011 by its three directors, all solicitors with years of legal experience.

 With much of the firm’s work involving litigation, papers accumulate at what Camilla, the firm’s admin manager and bookkeeper, describes as “an astounding rate”, putting real pressure on the limited storage space at its offices in the heart of Birmingham’s traditional professional services district

 Camilla says “Before L&R, the situation was getting on top of us. Now things are much better, to the extent that because we have now freed up extra working space, we have been able to take on new clients. L&R were very much the right people at the right time.”

 L&R’s flexible approach means that they will collect documents as and when required, to fit in with archiving days at the firm, and the same responsive service applies when members of the team need documents from their archive at L&R. Camilla says: “We use the retrieval service quite a lot – it’s very easy and so quick.”

 Camilla and her colleagues are happy that they’re getting value for money from L&R’s services and also find the team easy to work with and helpful. Camilla says: “They’re lovely to deal with, friendly over the phone, email or in person, and you always feel confident that they know exactly what they’re doing.”

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