All Inclusive Storage Billing

All Inclusive Storage Billing

Store your confidential files securely within a cost effective Storage Plan


There is nothing worse than opening a bill to discover an unexpected charge.

Archive StorageAt L&R Storage we can offer you an all inclusive storage service, meaning no matter how many boxes you store or deliveries and collections we make, you will always know exactly how much you are going to pay.

This enables you to ensure you can budget accordingly whilst still having access to all of the specialised services we offer. If you reduce you box count then your bill reduces. Increase the amount of boxes in storage and we will hold our price until the first 12 months are up. Giving you freedom and room to grow without worrying about increasing your overheads. We are here to help support and grow your business.

Storage costs can  be a drain on your companies resources especially if you do not know what you are paying for. How can you budget and forecast if your storage invoices are not consistent? This is why Storage costs are now a boardroom matter.

Join the large number of our clients taking advantage of this billing process and remain in full control of your records as well as your finances.

Contact us now to take advantage of this offer. Alternatively you can call us direct on 0121 555 8838 to discuss your requirements and find out more about our bespoke service.


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