What to Look for in an Archive Storage Facility

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Data protection is more important than ever which means that if your business keeps archives, you need to find the safest and most secure way to store them, making professional archive storage an ideal option. Follow these tips to make sure that you pick the best possible archive storage for your company.

Fast document storage and retrieval

With some archive storage facilities you may have to wait weeks to get access to your archives. We provide a fast and efficient service so you can gain access to your documents whenever you need it.

With professional archive storage you can store your paperwork safely and securely without having to worry about having easy access to your paperwork.

Safety and security

Some businesses choose to store archive documents on their own premises, but even if your archive is locked in filing cabinets or even in a special storage room, can you really be sure that they won’t get into the wrong hands. When you choose professional archive storage your documents are kept in a facility away from your office so that in the unfortunate even of a break in, fire or other damage to your building your archives will not be put at risk.

Good as new

Some businesses go back several decades and still store documents from many years ago. However, over time the average atmosphere will do damage to archive papers causing them to age and become brittle and in some cases causing them to deteriorate to such an extent that they need to be destroyed. When you choose professional archive storage your documents are kept in a carefully controlled environment at the correct temperature and humidity level which will give all your archives a much longer lease of life than if they were stored in an ordinary office.

Effective management

All good business owners know that they need to delegate in order to give themselves time to get on with other things. When you hand over your archive storage to a professional company your archives can be looked after and managed on your behalf giving you the opportunity to use the time you would spend managing archives for other purposes, so you’ve got more scope for your business to grow.


When you chose professional archive storage only a select few will have access to your archives so you can ensure that they’re never seen by the wrong people and you can keep track of exactly what is happening to your documents and who is able to gain access to them.

So if you want to secure the legacy of your business then professional archive storage from L&R Storage could be exactly what you are looking for.

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