To increase your net worth, increase your Network

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In September 2010, I travelled over to Huntington Beach, in Los Angeles, for a Records Management conference; hosted by O’Neil Software. O’Neil’s is a world leading Records Management Software company that is used by L&R and storage centres across the world. The three day conference was an opportunity to learn more about updates, key features and future releases of the software , which helps maximise the benefits we are able to pass on to our clients. Of course I had to convince the directors it wasn’t just a ‘jolly up’, but I managed to persuade them it was definitely worth the trip! So I headed down to Heathrow and took the long 12 hour flight.

On immediate arrival, I went to register. I was a little tentative at first; I was one of many people who are from the same industry. However, I quickly realised the O’Neil conference was similar to a family get-together. The opportunity to meet up and discuss business with people , who go through the same things that I do, was a wonderful experience and an invaluable learning curve. I was able to converse with Directors, Development Managers, IT professionals & Sales experts; in order to enhance my understanding of how different organisations work. opc13-logo

The excellent seminars were extremely helpful. Since then, L&R have been able to improve all of the services we offer to our clients. Setting aside business and networking, ‘The Records Centre Challenge’ provided an opportunity to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I met some great people at the conference, who have helped me enormously, both personally and professionally. Their advice and guidance have allowed me to implement new services and improve efficiency in our business.

Networking has provided ‘direct added value’ to our business. I cannot stress enough how much it has helped in developing new ideas and finding innovative ways to move forward. Can there be anything more helpful than drawing on the experience of people who look at your industry from a different angle? Events like this are inspiring and create opportunities, and initiate ideas in your mind, which you might otherwise overlook.

The next conference is approaching in September and I am excited about getting back out there and seeing my worldwide comrades. I am relishing the chance to continue to learn and apply new skills and strategies to L&R.

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