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Multi Tier RackingThere has been a lot of excitement at L&R towers this week as we look to source another secure unit for your files and boxes. Visiting new premises is always interesting and I think you know as soon as you arrive whether or not you can see your business there. For us there are so many things to take into consideration. Security and location being vital but there are also many other factors to asses, so choosing a unit can be a long process.

We recently conducted a survey to ask potential clients about their considerations when selecting an offsite storage provider. We were really interested to get into the mind of our clients and the results have helped us with our marketing and lead generation programme. Security and reliability were the most important factors considered when choosing an offsite supplier. Around five years ago I constructed a mission statement which I believe we underuse.

“At L&R we strive to be the most accessible, efficient, reliable and secure storage company in the Midlands. Our wealth of expertise in the industry underpins our excellent service, delivering the correct document, to the right place, at the right time, every time”

A decision to move to a document storage or shredding provider is an important decision. Paperwork is often the lifeblood of any organization and is vital that the provider can meet their requirements. I am passionate about challenging the problems and issues that face organisations and providing a solution beyond their expectations. Office space is expensive and to take up the space with filing cabinets and shelves is not cost effective. Having an employee search for files also comes at a cost when they could be getting on with other tasks.

I am hopeful of being able to blog about some exciting news regarding a new unit very soon, offering secure, reliable to storage to more businesses.

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