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Nineteen years and counting…

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It was a warm summer’s day back in 1994 when I first encountered Records Management or Archive Storage as it was widely known. I was nine years old and in the middle of the six week school holidays. At the time it felt like a punishment, “Steve you have to come to work with me today.” “You have to be joking Dad” was my initial thought.

ImageThe summer holidays were for football and cricket in the street not for working! Back then, 9-5 was either the score line in a football game we were playing or the number of runs you had scored in both innings in the test match you were playing.

Nevertheless, I headed off with my Dad and straight into Birmingham City Centre, where we had to make our first collection. To this day I remember being startled as we approached the newly christened Financial District. The BT Tower looked mammoth, as we approached I immediately fell in love with the city. Dad was my tour guide pointing out places of note and client buildings.

We pulled up outside a huge office block where I received my first (of many) L&R dressing downs. “You don’t look at the boxes, you don’t touch the boxes and whatever you do, do not call me Dad. Its unprofessional….your job is to hold the doors open for me, understood?” “Yes Dad!!!” And there it was, I had become a fully pledged member of the L&R family business.

In 1994 I am not sure I had used or even seen a computer, I had certainly never used the word blog. Nineteen years have passed since my first day with L&R Storage, from chief door opener to Business Development Manager. When I look back so many things have changed and I would love to share the experiences I have had with you.

As a fresh faced 9 year old lad, I knew from the moment I started I loved working with my dad. Almost two decades later, I have his haircut (or lack of), the dressing downs have continued and the business values he drummed into me will never change, reliability, trustworthiness, integrity and hard work.



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