Goodbye Summer

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It has been a a hectic couple of weeks at L&R, it feels like the past few weeks have completely flown by. The opening of a new unit has been exciting and immensely hard work. However, it all seems to be paying off. When you work hard and you achieve targets in your business strategy it is always pleasing.

One of the most rewarding feelings for me so far in my life,  was creating two new jobs at L&R. To inform the candidates last week they had a job was a proud moment. Referring back to an earlier blog post of mine “Back To The Future” I wrote about the importance of forging local business links, investing in the local area and people.  Creating two new jobs, albeit part time, has been immensely satisfying and I hope I am able to do this many more times.

L&R In ActionLast week we also welcomed new clients on board. We started the week at an accounts firm based in Worcestershire. We offered a fully managed file service system, which has brought order and traceability to their files. We have also created a document retention policy for them. This will ensure records are destroyed at the right time and not stored beyond their required legal retention period; thus saving time, costs and improving efficiency.

We also welcomed a new Property company based in Warwickshire. We were able to bring in their records from a self store unit and save the company a considerable amount of money per annum. This brings me great pleasure, saving clients money and improving service standards is one of the best parts of my job.

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but it has been immensely exciting.

It’s a funny kind of month, September. For the really keen cricket fan it’s when you realise that your wife left you in May.

Denis Norden Quoted in She magazine,1977.

I managed to break my finger on Saturday playing in the final cricket game of the season, so this post has taken me a while to type. We narrowly missed out on promotion but it has been a pleasing season and the weather has been very kind. With a tear in my eye, my whites have been folded away for the winter. Never mind,  only 229 days until the start of next season!


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