Cloud The Future….Or Pie In The Sky?

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It was a special conference in Huntington beach at the 2013 O’Neil Strategic Partner conference. The world’s leading records management Software Company announced the release of ‘O’Neil Cloud’ a ground breaking cloud based software product. The system looks set to revolutionise the way the world manages documents.

When I was nine years old (1994) working my first day at L&R I remember helping put boxes away at a managed warehouse that my Dad and his partner managed on their clients behalf. And by help, what I really mean is watch them work, oh and put the kettle on every half an hour!

I remember my dad used to be armed with marker pens, which were used to write the number of each box in a huge font. Black markers, red, blue, you name it, we had them. When one ran out, another one would be pulled out of the back pocket in similar fashion to a John Wayne movie. The number on the box would be then recorded in a notebook known as the ‘blue storage bible’. Fast forward almost two decades and I am sat in a conference room in California, witnessing the industry evolve and break down barriers (and not a marker pen in sight!).

It took me aimages long time to convince my dad and his partner that we needed to invest heavily in our software systems. If we wanted to be the best, we needed the best systems; since making the investment we haven’t looked back. Anyone can store a box on a shelf; it is the way you manage your client’s files and boxes that makes the difference. Our records management software system allows us to offer complete solutions to our clients.

I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user

Bill Gates

There are many benefits moving to cloud computing. Accessing your data anywhere, with a phone, tablet or PC means you have access to your information anywhere in the world (with an internet connection). The hardware used in the cloud would always be updated; technological advancements of each product would automatically take place. Your business would always be using the most up to date product. One thing that captured my attention was how cost effective the cloud is. The cloud eliminates the need for software or servers and expensive support if something goes wrong. Companies such as Samsung and Pfizer, have reportedly saved millions of dollars per year simply by converting to the cloud.

‘Security’ is the word on everybody lips when it comes to the cloud, which is understandable. Storing your electronic files where you can’t ‘physically’ see them worries some people. However, there have been many data breaches with ‘traditional’ IT methods. I have forgotten how many times I have read about a laptop that has been stolen or left on a train.

Technology is evolving at an astounding rate; the days of ‘having to embrace technology’ are firmly behind us. You have to master it, and by doing so you can give yourself a competitive advantage. My time spent on updating systems, changing servers, managing the FTP processes and backing up systems would be completely eradicated. This essentially frees up my time and our employers time to do exactly what we are good at, managing your documents.


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