Choose Shredding Services for your Office

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What are shredding services?

When you choose shredding services for your office you can store all your paperwork in specially designed boxes or secure shredding consoles which can then be collected for shredding from your office on a weekly or monthly basis.

Once your paperwork is collected it is taken to a secure facility where it is shredded and sent on to be recycled.

Shredding services are environmentally friendly

According to statistics as much as 95% of all business information in the UK is still stored on paper, which makes recycling where possible extremely important. It’s quick and easy to ensure your unwanted paperwork is recycled when you choose shredding services.

Producing a tonne of paper can use up to seventeen trees and nearly twenty seven thousand litres of water, not to mention the landfill space that would be needed to house the paper after it has been used.

Now consider how much paper you get through at your office every day, week and month. It’s easy to see that the paper you use at your office can quickly have a large impact on the environment, which is why it’s much more preferable to use shredding services for your paperwork so you know that your important documents are not only kept safe and secure but also do the least possible damage to the environment by being recycled.

Secure destruction of hardware

These days it’s not only the security of paperwork we need to worry about as an endless amount of information is stored on hard drives, discs and computer files. Professional shredding services cn also offer facilities to safely destroy computer hardware so you can often the ultimate in security for your clients.

Using secure shredding services and hardware destruction services can act as a huge draw for potential clients who are worried about the security of the information that they leave in your hands and can be the service which can cause a client to choose you over other businesses.

So if you want a safe, secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of documents that you no longer need then professional shredding service from L&R Storage or hardware destruction services could be just what you’re looking for.

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